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Today (and every other day for the past little while)


Today (and every other day for the past little while) is an ongoing/evolving project between Nicole Pingon (Sydney, AUS) and Vera Chok (London, UK), two strangers connected via WhatsApp during the COVID-19 pandemic. Communicating predominately through audio messages, the project documents our daily exchange/conversations/interactions since the 30th of March, 2020.


This project was sparked by a desire to seek human connection during a time of global crisis. As the exchange began, questions of how connection and relationships exist across borders/between strangers/in an online arose. Are we more open and generous with strangers? Do we listen deeper when we are restricted to our auditory senses? Are we being authentic when exchanging in an online space? 


Follow @TheJoy Offensive for updates on this ongoing and evolving project.

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