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ROAR, explores the role of laughter and resilience through the writing of daily short form poetry It aims to use the lightest of touches - a small WhatsApp performance space - in its quest for resilience during the global pandemic.

ROAR is currently taking place in a closed performance space of 6 writers based in the UK and Australia in May 2020. The writers of ROAR are:

Valerie Berry

Jenevieve Chang

Tuyen Do

Melissa Lee Speyer

Lucy Sheen

Gabby Wong

To support the artists of earth, head to The Joy Offensive's Patreon. All new and increased contributions in June, July, and August will go directly to the artists. Please note that Patreon currently only supports monthly contributions, so if you'd like to give a one-off donation, you'll be prompted to cancel your patronage once the first payment is processed.

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