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Please Date My Friend


Please Date My Friend is a live reality dating format for the COVID era. Theatre maker Jules Orcullo calls on a team of friends living across the globe to look for one person from each of their home cities willing to agree to a live-streamed 15 minute Zoom date with Jules. The work can be said to explore the vagaries of identity and friendships as refracted through distances of time and place ... which is another way of saying Jules is very awkward about this whole thing. Follow @TheJoyOffensive for livestream dates.

To support the artists of earth, head to The Joy Offensive's Patreon. All new and increased contributions in June, July, and August will go directly to the artists. Please note that Patreon currently only supports monthly contributions, so if you'd like to give a one-off donation, you'll be prompted to cancel your patronage once the first payment is processed.

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