Holding space with words and silence across borders and the digisphere


Six writers from across oceans congregate in an online space with London-based writer and performer, Joana Nastari for an hour's writing ritual.

If you'd like to join, fill out the form below or email info@thejoyoffensive.com with your name, country of residence, a one sentence description of an object in your room. And make sure you’re available at the following time on Sunday 21 June.

Sunday 21 June

05:00AM Eastern Daylight Time

10:00AM British Summer Time

11:00AM Central European Summer Time

13:00PM Gulf Standard Time

14:30PM India Standard Time

17:00PM Philippine Time

19:00PM Australian Eastern Standard Time

21:00PM New Zealand Standard Time

The six writers will be selected at random for this event on 16 June at 00:00 BST.

Follow @TheJoyOffensive for updates.

join the space

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