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Hi. Things are crazy right now. So let’s try and think about the future.


  1. Write a message to yourself in the future, a year from now. You choose how and what you want to say.

  2. Send it to us here using the form

  3. In the next few weeks you'll get a message from someone else, who will have also sent themselves a message to their future.

The delivery window closes Thursday 2 July 11:59PM BST / Friday 3 July 09:00AM AEST.


Send a message to the Coronaville Delivery Service

Please send us your message, either as text in the box below, as a link to a file on Dropbox or Google Drive, or as a file directly uploaded below (max 15MB).
Upload File

To support the artists of earth, head to The Joy Offensive's Patreon. All new and increased contributions in June, July, and August will go directly to the artists. Please note that Patreon currently only supports monthly contributions, so if you'd like to give a one-off donation, you'll be prompted to cancel your patronage once the first payment is processed.

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