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Book Club


Book Club is a series of artworks inspired by books read with friends. It’s an exploration of relationships of distance, staying in touch and the exchange of diaspora stories, inspiration and knowledge in informal, private settings. 


Artist Katherine Lim will read a book and facilitate conversations with an expanding circle of friends, and make a series of art works inspired by what she learned from the process. 


Through this, she investigates the fluid nature of knowledge across borders and its influence on her own work, and the role that levels of safety, privacy and disclosure play in how stories are created and shared. 

Follow @TheJoyOffensive for updates on this work-in-process.

To support the artists of earth, head to The Joy Offensive's Patreon. All new and increased contributions in June, July, and August will go directly to the artists. Please note that Patreon currently only supports monthly contributions, so if you'd like to give a one-off donation, you'll be prompted to cancel your patronage once the first payment is processed.

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